Here at Fusion Sound & Light we are happy to announce a large investment into global truss F34 brand. With high demand for truss cubes, stages and start and finish lines over the summer we decided to take the steps so we can provide this all in house.

We now stock 1m, 1.5m, 2m, box corners and various size base plates. We can also provide black and white scrims to cover the truss as well as your event lighting.

We are very happy to be a Global Truss partner through our suppliers, we do not just stock this for our own hire we have very good rates for our clients to purchase to.

Truss structures are ideal for

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Boxing Events
  • Race Start/Finish Lines
  • Mobile nightclub cubes
  • Fashion Show catwalks
  • Plasma Stands
  • Many more applications

If you are after intelligent lighting or spots lights we can supply these too, We can work with you to design your truss right. We can even show you how it would look before you book! If you would rather just the shell for you to supply your own equipment or marketing material thats fine with us too.

We also stock

  • Spigots
  • Pins
  • Base plates
  • TV mounting truss


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