Microphone Hire London, Surrey & Kent

Do you need to hire a microphone for a gig, speech or live event? Or even to mic up a drum kit in London & Surrey?

All our microphones are industry standard for the application you will be using them for. All of our items are in stock and come with everything you need to get set up. If you are after a particular type of microphone or your not sure what you will need please contact us as it may have just arrived in stock!

Shure SM58 Hire

Shure SM57 Hire

Shure SM52 Hire

Sennheiser E935 Hire

Drum Kit Mic Hire

Shure Green Bullet Hire

Sennheiser e901

Sennheiser e902

Sennheiser e904

Sennheiser e905

Sennheiser e906

Sennheiser MKH40

Sennheiser MKH50

Sennheiser BF509

Sennheiser MD421

Sennheiser ME104

Shure Beta56

Shure Beta 57a

Shure Beta58

Shure Beta87

Shure SM58s

Shure Beta91

Shure  Beta98

Shure SM7B

Shure SM81

Shure SM55SH