Fusion Sound & Light organises and provides some of the biggest and most exclusive popcorn parties for pubs, clubs and private events over the United Kingdom.

What are popcorn parties? Well a popcorn party is simply using a high-powered projection cannon to shoot and spray the crowd with fresh popcorn. These are ideal for all types of functions and especially student and under 18 parties, with us supplying to some of the most exclusive events in the UK.

Popcorn Parties are ideal for venues that do not want the mess of a foam party, or for people who just fancy something different. These are a great idea for venues that may be running a Film themed evening, which showers of popcorn adds a different aspect to a generic nightclub theme.


Fusion Sound & Light has a number of popcorn cannons in stock, which means all events are catered for. We have provided popcorn cannons to pubs with a capacity of just 50 people, to large London nightclubs, with capacities exceeding 2000. If you are not sure what equipment is suitable for your venue, then just give our team a call for advice.

You can see our cannons and operators in the pictures on the right hand side. The popcorn can be seen being loaded into the machines. All of our equipment is cleaned prior to use to ensure the popcorn stays edible for all your guests.

The Popcorn!

We supply fresh popcorn in 3KG bags and can provide any quantity of popcorn to suit all occasions. Unlike other operators we can supply a wide range of popcorn in different flavours and we can even supply a mix! We are able to supply large amounts of popcorn at very competitive prices, but we also allow venues to provide their own and just rent the cannon. We always recommend our popcorn as we can ensure that it is top grade popping corn used, safe for your users, date stamped and will not compromise the event. All our popcorn comes date stamped in sealed containers / bags, which are only opened prior to the event. No B grade stock will be used.

We can even supply popcorn cartons to allow your guests to catch the popcorn and eat their rewards! This is an ideal solution for movie premier’s and other events, which don’t want the mess of a foam party!

Choose the flavour, choose the date and get ready!! We provide Plain, Salted, Sweet, Light Toffee and Mixed Flavours (Strawberry, Blueberry and Pink Vanilla) popcorn! We also allow you to order a mix of the flavours, to again add another dimension to your event