OHM TRS 218 Subwoofer

The OHM TRS218 is a double 18″ subwoofer & is our main TRS system sub, optimised for use with the OHM TRS & OHM HD series top cabinets cabinet, designed to extend the low frequency response on all systems. Accurate and awesome sound, without the typical annoying one-note boominess. It gives a punchy performance with awesome kick drum and bass guitar reproduction. Equally at home on the road with a band or in a dance club, the TRS-218 is an extremely versatile, cost effective solutions for all hires.

TRS-218 has two Ohm 18 inch 4 inch Voice coil drivers in a manifold loaded 18mm birch plywood cabinet.
This cabinet has castor mounting points at the back or a separate wheel board can be used on top of the cabinet. Stacking is made easy and reliable with the Ohm cup and foot stacking system and all TRS-218s has the stacking cups for the TRS-212 top cabinets.

These subwoofers can be stacked horizontally or vertically. Two subwoofers on their side have the same width and height as two cabinets standing next to each others so different kinds of configuration are possible.

Two TRS-218 side by side are 231cm width which is well designed to be packed in the 240cm wide lorry. This way vans and lorries can be packed efficiently avoiding unnecessary empty spaces again making this perfect for hire

Tech Specs

  • High output subwoofer, Manifold loaded
  • Impedance 4 Ohm
  • Power Handling (AES) 1250 Watts (continuous) Maximum Power Handling (AES) 2500 Watts (program) 5000 Watts (peak 10 ms)
  • Sensitivity 2.83V / 1m 104 dB
  • Maximum SPL 135 dB (cont. max SPL / 1m)141 dB peak
  • Frequency Response -3 dB 30 Hz – 300 Hz
  • Dispersion Omni
  • Components 2 x 18″ Low Frequency Drivers
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 576 mm x 1156 mm x 746 mm
  • Weight (kg) 105