So you have the microphone you need, but you now want a stand for it. alternatively you own your own microphones but need some stands for the large event your doing. we have you covered! We have a range of Microphone Stand Hire which will be suitable for any event. After a microphone too? we have these too!

Heavy Duty Mic Stand

Stable and robust yet lightweight and fully collapsible, these stands have a height adjustable from 105 to 170cm, arm:length 75cm. They workhorse of any studio or live microphone set-up, these stands are fully adjustable and suitable for almost all general purpose uses.

Microphone Stand Hire from £2.50

Heavy Duty Microphone Stand Hire

Kick Drum Stand

Our kick drum mic stands are perfect for positioning microphones either inside the kick drum or up against the outside of its skin. This stand has a low boom and is fully adjustable so you can position the mic at any angle to achieve that perfect sound.

From £2.50

Kick Drum Stand

Table Top Mic Stand

Does exactly what it says. Perfect for placing on a table top, and taking up very little space, the Desk Microphone stand is full adjustable for maximum comfort during use.

From £2.50


One Handed Mic Stand

Fancy feeling like a rockstar? our one handed mic stands have a heavy duty base and handle. These can extend to match your height and come with a mic clip

From £2.50

One Handed Microphone Stand Hire