Co2 Cannon Hire London & Surrey

A CO2 Party is an amazing special effect and creates an amazing effect which see’s the CO2 sprays out from our Bazooka style lancer gun operated by our trained operatives in safety overalls, which adds to the effect, or by using our amazing CO2 heads which are hung from trussing to create a mass of CO2 ‘smoke’ before instantly vanishing. These parties are also known as ‘Freeze-Jet’ parties and originated in Ibiza nightclubs.

These CO2 services are always carried out in safe conditions and can be made to suit events such as club nights, Ibiza club nights and promotional events, along with concerts and shows, which require that extra ‘wow’ factor on stage.

We can supply a trained operator or dry hire these items. The Co2 Heads are controlled via a powercon switch with a safety key. Our handheld cannons are controller by a pull lever on the handle. it also has a safety clip to stop unwanted bursts by accident.

Upon a dry hire we will show you how to safely operate and go through any health and safety aspects you need to know, we will also be available on the phone if you do need us.

Our prices do not include the liquid co2, we are happy to provide this but needs to be ordered from a recommended supplier. Prices start from £40 for a small bottle.

Prices start from £50 per day.