UV Light Hire London & Surrey

Ultraviolet light (also known as blacklight) is a classic lighting effect, brought right up to date with our amazing LED powered units. Our UV lights are powerful enough to work even with subtle ambient room lighting, whereas other UV lights would require complete darkness to give any effect at all.


This powerful 400W UV cannon will fill a variety of venues with an outstanding UV glow.  This high output fixture will transform any event, club, bowling alley or stage by creating a wide spread of atmospheric UV light.

It lets all white objects and clothing light up in a blue colour. A product that can’t be missing in a collection of light effects!

ADJ LED UV Bar Hire Fusion Sound and Light


ADJ Black Lights add excitement to any light show or lighting installation. The redesigned ECO UV BAR DMX offers the hassle free use of LED and the user control of DMX-512.  This ultraviolet LED fixture is great for performance stages, theatrical productions.

The ECO UV BAR DMX offers users more flexibility and control with built-in DMX-512 protocol (3 DMX channels), a 3-Button DMX display, included IR remote control, AC In/Out power linking from the built-in IEC connectors and three operational modes.



The ADJ UV COB Cannon produces a large ultraviolet wash from high output, advanced COB (Chip On Board) UV LEDs–COB LED technology allowing for a powerful LED engine to be placed in a small amount of space.

This professional lighting fixture is designed for washing performance stages, theatrical productions and special effects productions. It requires very little maintenance or service due to its sold state electronics.

UV Party Hire London & Surrey

UV Parties are popular for large club nights and we can now provide amazingly powerful UV lights for you to create your own UV party. Our UV lights can be used at any of the following types of venue: We can offer this service in London and Surrey. We can offer this service further afield at a small travel cost.

  • All standard party venues
  • Venues with or without ambient lighting – e.g. sports halls
  • House parties
  • Common rooms in student accommodation
  • Marquees

We offer larger packages for larger venues such as bars & clubs

Package 1

  • 4x Cob Cannons
  • 2x UV Cannons
  • 2x  ADJ LED Bars
  • 2x Chrome Whinch Stands
  • 2x 1.5m Trussing
  • All Cables & Extensions

Package 2

  • 8x Cob Cannons
  • 4x UV Cannons
  • 2x ADJ LED Bars
  • 2x Chrome Whinch Stands
  • 2x 2m Truss
  • All Cables & Extensions