Everyone wants to have an amazing Party! So we here at Fusion Sound & Light we have taken the time to plan and arrange the best mobile DJ, for there party to be  the party of the year, until another one of there friends happens to book us again!  

Fusion Sound & Light we specialize in all types of parties, delivering mobile DJ with state of the art intelligent light shows. As well as a sound system that will deliver more than enough sound for any party size! 

Each party can include smoke machines, laser and strobes shows and tummy thumping chart music, that will put anyone in the mood to start partying. 

This package will consist of a full mobile set up as well as a young fresh professional DJ who will play all the most up-to-date sounds. We can also cater for any age range, or any music type which you request. 

Whether you want a Pro Night Club DJ, who will mix every track to pure perfection or a professional party DJ we can supply either at the same price.

Prices from £225