Outdoor Stage Hire

Here at Fusion Sound & Light, we can offer you outdoor stage hire solutions.

Fusion Sound & Light is a complete festival production company we can offer full PA and lighting packages (and special fx) along with power solutions for your event. We hold all stock ourselves and no need to sub in any items which means you get all your outdoor stage hire solutions from one place.

We can offer two types of staging, mobile trailer stage which gives you an impressive 8x6m working area. Or a truss stage which is 6x4m. Even the smaller stage can cater to a 6-8 piece band with ease!

Both outdoor stage hire solutions can come with a PA system suitable for your audience size along with lighting packages if needed. You can also brand your stage up! We will give you the dimensions of the bits you need for your own printing. PA wings can be provided at an extra minimal cost.

Our outdoor stage hire solutions are suitable for nearly all applications, from product launches to festivals to 5000 people, firework nights, proms.. the list can go on!

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Mobile Stage Rental

Our mobile trailer stage can cater for any event you require. We use state of the art mobile trailers which can be ready to go in under 90 minutes! This reduces setup and pack down time drastically when access is an issue. We would require more time depending on what PA and lighting package you choose.

Out stage can be delivered to near enough any location within England and Wales,

Technical Details:

  • Stage dimensions; 8m(w) x 6m(l) x 5.75m(h)

  • Stage Clearance Height: 4.75m(h)

  • Stage area; 48sqm

  • Platform height; 1m – 1.3m

  • PA / Sound Platform Wings x 2: 1.5m(w) x 0.8m(l)

  • Roof: Intelligent Hydraulic Roof System

  • Roof Safe Working Load: 300kg (75kg per beam)

  • Stage platform loading; 300kg/m2

  • Max wind speed; 37.28mph (with mesh)

  • Construction time; 60 minutes Basic / 75 minutes (with PA / Sound Platforms)

  • Backwall & Sides: Plain Black Mesh. Custom Branding available at extra cost

  • Stage floor slip proof, weather proof

  • Recommended audience Size 200 – 5000

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Looking For Indoor Stage Hire?

For weddings, Corporate EVents, Award Ceremonies , cat walks, etc.

Frequently Asked Stage Questions…

What audience size can your stage be used with?

This would depend on numerous factors, such as site layout & positioning. We generally say our smaller stage would cater 200-2000 people, our larger trailer stage up to 8000.

How much does outdoor stage hire cost?

Please contact us for all the pricing, we do offer packages on stages but it all depends where it would be going and how long you need it for. We do not bite in the office and can offer a wealth of knowledge if you have any questions.

How many people can perform on your stage?

This would depend on what entertainment you have booked for your show, it could be a band, DJ, or even choir! Many factors such as how much kit are they bringing and power needs and working spaces for a performer.

If we look at the typical 6 piece band, on our smaller stage you could fit full drum kit, some backline and space for other performers and monitors. We would suggest to contact the band or any performer and make sure it is suitable for their needs.

Our larger trailer stage would be able to fit an 8 piece band along with full backline, power, extra monitors along with space for a lead singer at the front to move around.

Again we do suggest to talk to your entertainment and make sure it is suitable for their needs or we are happy to do this on your behalf if unsure.

How long do your stages take to build?

Our smaller stage can take upto 6 hours depending on PA and lighting packages, if it is just the stage this can take 2-3 hours depending on weather factors. We need direct access to the site with 2 large vans and to be within 15 metres of the build area.

Our larger trailer stage can be erect and working within 90 minutes, again depending on which PA & lighting package you go would add extra time to the build. We would work with you regarding timings and your show times to make sure everything is ready to go for sound checks!

What happens if it rains?

If it rains, we all get wet! It’s very simple. No matter what we do the stage will get wet, nothing any of us can do about it.

If you’re unlucky and the rain & wind is firing at the front of the stage it will become unusable from a safety aspect due to a number of reasons. We don’t want to mislead anybody into thinking an outdoor stage stays dry & usable in very heavy rain with all the odds against us.

Next and our pet hate, wind! Both of our outdoor stages will with stand winds up to 25 m/s we install an anemometer which measures wind speed to be sure everybody is clear and aware of any risks.

Can your stage be built on grass or concrete?

This is one of the first questions we would ask you first of all – what is the stage being built on? We can build on either grass or concrete as long as it is a flat surface, water-free and accessible to our vans.

We prefer grass as we use large rods which anchor into the ground. If on concrete we need ballasts, these need to be supplied by YOU! We can help you source them but this is not something we stock.

Please make not. YOU will be required to make sure there are no electric, fibre, gas or drain pipes where we will drill. Our rods are 1.5m long and 55m in diameter and will go through anything. You can get the necessary information from your local council of the site. They are called a ”Ground site services survey” we can’t drill without seeing this first.

How high is the performing area?

On our smaller stage, we can have this from 20-100cm. Anything above 60cm will require side rails at a small additional cost. On our larger trailer stage, the height is 1-1.3m.

Can we put our branding on the stage?

Easy answer, Yes of course you can… but we need to know beforehand. We can help you attach it safely and make sure it is seen clearly.


Can you provide the sound & lighting equipment?

Yes! We can 🙂

We stock a variety of PA and lighting kits along with special FX systems. Moving heads, to spotlights to lasers! We are happy to offer discounts on packages along with our stages.

We also stock various models of microphones, monitors, IEM’s along with line arrays and point source boxes.

We can also provide crew to operate and tech the entire show! Something we love!