We stock a large range of mixed-use lighting for hire- we have these available in black or white, but our standard hire is black, so if you wish for white please let us know. We have the latest LED follow spots, which are extremely easy to operate and produce extremely low heat (much safer considering how bright these lights need to be).

Our Par cans are 1kw and we can also supply barn-doors. If you need any cables or rigging accessories please let us know.

Source 4 Spot light Hire

source4 zoom

  • Adjustment of beam size and shape with shutters and iris
  • Beam edge quality  adjustable by movement of lens
  • Ability to project an image with a gobo
  • Less scatter then fresnel or PC spots

15-30º, 25-50º, 90º, 50º, 30º, 26º, 19º, 10º, 5º

Fresnel Spots Hire


  • Soft beam with soft undefined edge
  • Ability to adjust beam size
  • Ability to adjust beam shape with barndoors
  • Compact size

6º to 60º.

300w, 500w, 650w

Floodlight Hire

150W halide

  • Wide angle suited to short-throw applications

150W Halogen
500w Halogen
150w HQI Discharge (Black / White)
50w LED

Par 64 Hire

Visage Par56Floor Black

  • High intensity mainly elliptical beam
  • Beam shape controlled rotation of lamp and in some instances with barndoors
  • Control of beam size by choice of lamp
  • Light weight for output power

Black & Silver 1kw. Stand & Barn doors available

Follow Spot Hire

webcha00160 led followspot 75 1

  • Portable, LED-powered followspot
  • Equipped with a 75-watt white LED
  • Projects a hardedge, focused beam
  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • Comes with an included tripod
  • Silent operation with no moving parts

Pin Spot Bank Hire

IMG 5500 2

  • 8 Warm White LEDs Per Bank
  • Dimmable
  • DMX Compatible
  • Manual Movement
  • Silent Operation