So you have all the lighting you need but you now need to control it to match your colour theme or slow down the movements for your first dance, or even make them faster and strobing for that big dance track at your outdoor festival. This is where we need a DMX Lighting Controller which will tell the intelligent lighting what it should be doing.

We offer a range of controllers depending on what fixtures you have and the complexity of what you are trying to achieve. Even if you are a novice or just want to push a button we have something for you!

Avolites Tiger Touch II Hire

Tiger Touch ii Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

 Avolites Quartz Lighting Console Hire

Avolites Quartz Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

ShowCad DMX Lighting Controller

Showcad DMX Lighting Controller Hire

Avolites Titan One DMX Lighting Controller

DMX Lighting Controller USB Dongle

6 Channel DMX Lighting Controller

6 Channel DMX Lighting Controller Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

W-DMX G4 F-2500 Hire


W-DMX F-1 TRX (Transmitter & Receiver)


LSC DMX Buffer


Showtec DB-1-8 8 Channel DMX Booster


RDM DMX Splitter Hire