Tecpro is a ‘two wire’ or as it is sometimes known ‘party-line’ or ‘ring’ system which enables a number of people to take part in the same conversation. Each participant can hear all other participants on the same circuit while being able to talk to them simultaneously, so a full ‘duplex’ conversation can take place – similar to a telephone system.

The major applications for these systems are in the theatre, conference, live performance and broadcast markets, though new applications are constantly emerging.

A basic Tecpro communication system would comprise a power supply and two or more outstations or beltpacks. An outstation may be wall mounted, free-standing or mounted in a rack. It will usually have a built-in loudspeaker and possibly a microphone. Beltpacks are intended for personal use and work only with a headset. Outstations and beltpacks are connected together with two core screened microphone cable which carries system power, audio, and various control signals. Most have a 3-pin XLR input and output and can be simply daisy-chained together. Alternatively, interconnection can radiate out from a central one-in, multiple-out signal splitter. A combination of both methods is often used.

More complex systems typically employ a master station which has two in-built power supplies and offers two independent communication circuits, A and B. Participants in a conversation on circuit A cannot communicate with those on circuit B, but the person operating the master station can communicate with circuits A and B separately or together.

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