Looking for Event Lighting Hire In Surrey?

We stock a large range of lighting hire from Chauvet LED beams to Festoon lighting. We can also supply simple lighting for a cheesy disco!

We stock a vast range and will always have a product which is right for you, we are now leaning more towards LED lighting due to a variety of factors such as weight of units, power consumption and brightness. But if you after after some super sharp lights we have R5 beams in stock ready to go! These are the closest thing to a clay pack sharpy.

Even if you’re after the disco type light we have a range of effects which are suitable for all types of events and room sizes. We now stock LED flame lights with 2m flames which are also DMX compatible.

We also stock a large rang out outdoor lighting, 100w RGB flood lights which are IP65 rated (means they can be used outdoors) and festoon lighting. This can look fantastic at a wedding or school farye in the evening.

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We offer a wide range of lighting suitable for every event – from small parties, weddings and celebrations to large corporate events and festivals. Whatever your budget or size of event, we can supply install and collect whatever lights your room requires.

From lighting up the walls of your marquee or function room, to putting on a stage show worthy of the A-listers, we have a huge stock of DMX LED moving heads, statics and effects to wow your audience and create the perfect atmosphere for a memorable event.
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Find out more about our popular lighting hire packages:

[accordiongroup style=”” type=”1″ ][accordion title=”LED PAR Lighting hire” icon=””]

LED PAR Lights for hire

Our lighting hire packages are as custom as your requirements and start from basic LED PAR lights for creating static washes and beams. These are traditionally used to light up spaces such as the walls of a marquee or function room, or positioned in groups to create a large colour (or white) wash powerful enough to light up a band or DJ on stage.

[accordion title=”LED Stage Lighting” icon=””]

LED Stage Lighting Hire

PAR lights are great for stage productions, but sometimes you need lights that create more of an effect. LED Bars offer a bright colour-changeable solution to create strips of colour, that can be used for creating unique backdrops to live music stages or for lighting up translucent DJ booths and other small areas. Of course they can all be controlled via DMX the universal connection used for connecting lights together and creating sequences and shows.

[accordion title=”DJ & Disco Effect Lights” icon=””]

LED Disco Effects for Hire

Not only are LED lights becoming more commonplace, but they bring with them quite a few plus points too. Our LED disco lights can run individually or linked together to create an array of patterns to the sound of the music or controlled via a lighting desk. LED disco lights are inherently low in power consumption due to the low internal current which means they don’t get as hot as traditional lighting solutions too. Many of our ranges are comparatively lightweight which makes installation (for dry hire) much less strenuous. Of course we offer a complete wet hire solution too if you’d rather avoid setting things up yourself.

[accordion title=”Special effects” icon=””]

Hire Special Effects Lighting

Sometimes just flashing coloured lights aren’t enough! Our flame lights are a great talking point as they replicate the moving flames of a fire and add a flamboyant look to the entrance of a room or either side of a stage/disco.

[accordion title=”Festoon Marquee Lights” icon=””]

Festoon Lights for Hire (Large Fairy Lights)

These look great strung from the centre of a marquee or hall or add a festival feel to outdoor events when arranged between trees and buildings. Lining the walkways and paths to your different arenas not only helps keep your night time guests safe but help direct them from one area to another. Instantly transform an outdoor space into a party area!

[accordion title=”Pro Stage Lighting” icon=””]

Professional Stage Lighting Hire  – all size productions

From school plays to business presentations and conferences to mini festivals and fun days, we have a huge stock of truss, DMX PAR lights, LED Moving Heads, Scanners, Blinders, Strobes and A/V equipment and offer a free design service to help you create the biggest impact on the tightest budget. All our lighting equipment can be supplied dry or wet hire, complete with power cables and DMX leads where required.

[accordion title=”Lighting Desks” icon=””]

DMX Lighting Controller Hire

If you’re putting on a stage production, you’ll want more control over your lights. Even for medium sized events, we’d recommend hiring a controller to ensure you have full control over different areas of your venue, different colours and brightness for the dancefloor and flashes and movements for stage shows. We can help you work out exactly which controller you’ll need based on the number of lights you have, the positioning and purpose of them and more importantly the technical ability of the operator (known as a Light Jockey or Light Jock).