Behringer x32 Digital Mixing Desk

The new Behringer X32 digital mixing console lets you get right to work, without the added hassle of complex control systems, by putting all the controls you need right at your fingertips. The X32 is extremely powerful, providing you with 40 processing channels and 25 mix buses, all equipped with a full compliment of dynamic, EQ and insert signal processing.

The X32 comes with an incredibly useful FireWire/USB audio interface card pre-installed in the expansion slot, providing you with lowlatency 24-bit audio interfacing to either Mac or PC host computers. This is in the form of the full 32 In AND 32 Out channels, plus MIDI. It even transmits HUI and Mackie Control data along with the audio I/O, which provides convenient remote control of your DAW via the X32 group fader section controls. The included audio interface is compatible with standard Apple CoreAudio on Macs With OSX 10.5 and above, and there are also high-performance ASIO drivers available for Windows PC’s, which are freely downloadable from

The X32 comes with a optional iPad which functions as a large touch screen display. Use the iPad for intuitive control of effects and other graphical manipulation, while physically controlling the volume with the motorized faders. The advanced “Touch & Turn” surface provides a more convenient mixing environment than ever before by allowing you to touch a parameter on the iPad and control it with a physical knob.

By incorporating the iPad, X32 can be operated in a variety of styles to fit any situation. Sound checks can be performed remotely from the stage or any location/seat in the room using the iPad. At the same time, all operations can still be performed at the console using the built-in display and dedicated knobs and buttons.


Behringer X32 hire is from £80 Per day.