OHM Vela Line Array Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

OHM Vela Line Array Hire – Fusion Sound & Light

VELA – OHM Vela Line Array Hire

Dual 8” + 1”, 32 ohm full range line array cabinet

Vela is a modular bi-amp line array designed for ground stack and flying. The small format and discreet look of the dual 8” make this product suitable for projects that require vocal reinforcement with low visual impact.

The OHM Vela Line Array Hire is an active two-way, compact dual 8” line array system. Designed for medium size projects, with extended low frequency capabilities for its compact design. Vela integrates a 4-point rigging system, making a flexible solution for both install and touring alike.

The Vela is an active 2-way design with a nominal impedance of 32 ohms for both the high & low frequency section. Featuring 2 x 8” proprietary Ohm woofers in a reflex tuned enclosure with dual 1” compression drivers give an SPL of 136dB (peak).

Vela’s frequency response is from 55 Hz to 21 kHz. A discreet steel hex grill design provides a smooth linear response and dispersion free of lobes over the entire frequency range. The waveguide generates a symmetrical horizontal dispersion of 100° x 10° vertical. Made of high-grade Baltic birch plywood ensures mechanical and acoustical integrity. A fully integrated 4-point rigging system designed with various angles of up to 12° per cabinet, which ensure a perfect acoustic coupling between multiple cabinets forming an array.

The Vela and be flown using a lightweight aluminium single point flying frame (V-FF).

For ground stack applications, the Vela ground stack frame (V-GS) wraps around TRS-218 and TRS-118, securing the frame and array in place.

The unique 32 ohm design of each cabinet provides the flexibility of adding up to 16 cabinets to one 4 channel amplifier. Up to 6 Vela can be ground stacked on 2 x TRS-218 using the same amplification. Incorporating 2 x 8” drivers with 2 x 1“ HF unit’s give an impressive SPL of 136 dB per cabinet with a wide linear dispersion. Built in flying hardware allows easy configuration of up to 8 cabinets per string.

Each Vela is a lightweight 21.3 Kg reducing transportation and rigging weight. With a system hang of 8 Vela flying on a V-FF weighs 176 Kg. which is far below most maximum load points from small portable stages to theatres. Each Vela array frame V-FF weighs 5.6 kg. Vela ground stack frame (V-GS) weighs 7.2 kg.

The robust enclosure has a discreet design front, hardwearing paint finish and two butterfly handles on each side.

The rear connection plate has two recessed 4 pin speakON® connectors fitted as standard, one input and one link. Vela Cora is wired bi-amp with pins +1-1 for the Sub, and pins +2-2 high frequency.

Key Features:

  • Integrated flying hardware
  • Discreet looks
  • 32 Ohm design
  • Flying or ground stack options
  • Lightweight aluminium flying frame
  • Secure wrap-around ground stack frame for TRS-218

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