4 Bank Pin Spot Hire – Black

4 Bank Pin Spot Hire – White

White Pin Spot Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

Event Spot Rapid RGBW Black Hire

Event Spot Rapid RGBW White Hire

White Battery Pin Spot Hire - Fusion Sound & Light

Pin Spot Hire

Table pin spot hire is a simple, but highly effective table lighting solution to replace the house lights. Pin spot lights bring enough light to each table to allow your guests to enjoy their meal without spoiling the lighting effect of the room.

Pin spots are also ideal for highlighting table centre pieces, wedding cakes, or other important features of the room.

There are two ways in which we can install the table lights at your venue:

Our prefered method is to use hanging points in the venue ceiling (assuming that they have any). We can then angle the lights to point directly down at each table.We can also supply trussing or hanging points if the venue is capable of this.

The alternative option is to position a stand in a corners of the room, place the lights onto the stand and to then angle them onto the tables of the venue to get the same effect. We offer black as our standard pole but can create a white pole to blend in better if you wish.

Each spot light creates a sharp dynamic focus point at which ever point of the room you choose to highlight, the beam of light directs your guests attention to your feature.

We can even set the colour of the pin spots to match your wedding colour scheme, or to add a splash of colour to your event.

The lights are an effective out of the way source to create light in hard to reach places, they add an unique touch to table centre pieces at all kinds of events including weddings, functions, award ceremonies or conferences.

We can also control the intensity of the lights via a controller. If you wish for them to be dimmer during the evening this can be done at a touch of a button. If you also wish for the lights to become part of the light show in the evening we can incorporate this to the evening celebrations.